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Title Date Type of organismsort icon Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
Box Jellyfish kills woman on Koh Phangan Thailand 07/31/2015 Box Jelly 1 31 year old Thai woman killed by Box Jellyfish at Haad Rin beach, Koh Phangan, Thailand at around 8pm 31 July 2015. Second Box Jellyfish...
My three children along with five other people got stung by box jellyfish. 08/16/2015 Box Jelly 11 to 99 mobile_jellywatcher-08-16-15
Box Jellyfish stung my 5 year old. 08/19/2015 Box Jelly 11 to 99 Recently, there have been large numbers of box jellyfish sighted on Morito Beach near the shoreline in Hayama. If you have small children,... mobile_jellywatcher-08-19-15
Pittwater - Jimble box jelly at Church Point 06/21/2015 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Watched two little Jimbles moving energetically about at Commuter Wharf in Church Point. Me and my (sharp eyed) boys saw a Jimble some time... Alive
Medusas de pequeño tamaño a partir de las12h 08/25/2015 Box Jelly 11 to 99 mobile_jellywatcher-08-25-15
Jellyfish at chaweng beach 08/28/2015 Box Jelly 100+ Hundreds of jellyfish surrounding our kayak. 1-2 inches in size, long purple tentacles Alive Jellywatcher-09-02-15
Box Jellyfish Sting 09/18/2015 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Wrightsville Beach, N.C.
Box jelly on 2015-9-4 09/04/2015 Box Jelly 11 to 99 Wye River MD at Drum Point Alive
la Garoupe 05/12/2015 Box Jelly 6 to 10 Alive
Box jelly on 2015-9-11 09/11/2015 Box Jelly 100+ Alive
box jellyfish thung wua laen beach chumphon thailand 10/02/2015 Box Jelly 1 i've swam in thailand almost daily for the last 10 years. i've been stung many times by jellyfish. i had never seen a box... Alive
zero 03/29/2010 Clean sea 1 nothing to report in surf, rising tide, 5-6:30 pm
zero 04/13/2010 Clean sea 1 nothing of note- 12-15 April 2010, four day dives and two night snorkels
nothing 04/29/2010 Clean sea 1 no jellies, no plastic 5-6:30 pm
Aurelia sp. missing form Palau's jellyfish lake 04/15/2010 Clean sea 1 While snorkeling in Palau's jellyfish lake on April 14th 2010 I noticed that Aurelia sp. jellies were not present amongst the millions...
No jellies or other macroplankton 03/01/2010 Clean sea 1 Water clean and without visible plankton.
Clean seas in Spanish Med 07/15/2010 Clean sea 1 Very few jellies
No jellies outside of Moss Landing Harbor 08/21/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled west into Monterey Bay about 4 miles from Moss Landing, did not sight a single jelly, except for those at the boat launch ramp....
cleanest August for many years in Tel Aviv 08/27/2010 Clean sea 1 Jellyfish rarely seen in Tel Aviv beaches throughout August. I don't remeber such a relatively clean month for many years
No jellies - Richardson Bay, SF, Cal 09/26/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled around Richardson Bay from Sea Trek to Pt. Belvedere. Not a single jelly.
Golden Gate - no jellies 12/11/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled from Horseshoe Cove to Point Bonita, but did not see a single jelly.
No Jellies at Golden Gate 12/26/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled from Horseshoe Cove to Kirby Cove and then to Pt. Covallo. Not a single jelly sighted.
East San Francisco Bay - No jellies 01/23/2011 Clean sea 1 Paddled from Berkeley South Basin to Golden Gate Fields. No jellies.
Clean seas in Goleta Bay 01/23/2011 Clean sea 1 Paddle board from Campus point to the Pier and out a mile. Glassy calm and no jellies seen.
Just recording a Zero 02/04/2011 Clean sea 1 There aren't any jellies on West or East Sands beaches, St. Andrews,Scotland.
No jellies for awhile 02/04/2011 Clean sea 1 Have not spotted any medusae in Indian Arm for several weeks, perhaps longer. Visibility has been remarkably clear this winter.
Logging another zero 02/17/2011 Clean sea 1 Didn't see any jellies while walking over the bridge for the last two days
No big jellies in mid-Monterey Bay 04/19/2011 Clean sea 1 Very greenish yellow water, but didn't see any large scyphomedusae or even Mitrocoma in mid-bay.
No jellyfish yet... 05/03/2011 Clean sea 1 Other than the few Aequorea medusae I saw on March 1, I have not seen any jellyfish this year. But that will likely change soon, as the...
open for business again, but no jellyfish 05/18/2011 Clean sea 1 back to my regular frequent swims for the summer since it is now warm enough to do so regularly. nothing deeper than 5m i went swimming 3...
woods hole 05/30/2011 Clean sea 1 clean oceans
Clean Sea 09/02/2011 Clean sea 1 Just some seaweed.
Clean Sea 03/21/2012 Clean sea 1
St. Augustine, FL: Windy but clear 05/19/2012 Clean sea 1 It is pretty windy form the east today. But no jellies are here even though Sargasso is washing up...
Nothing after Beryl Storm - Florida 05/27/2012 Clean sea 1 Surprisingly, there was no seaweed or jellyfish on the beach the day after tropical storm Beryl came ashore 60 miles north of here. Could...
Clean 06/18/2012 Clean sea 1 Strangely jellyfish-less beach, right after jellyfish sightings.
Clean sea 06/18/2012 Clean sea 1
Ft Adams, Newport, RI 07/07/2012 Clean sea 1
Green Bridge, Newport, RI 07/06/2012 Clean sea 1
Back Beach, Rockport, MA 07/14/2012 Clean sea 1
Bull Point, Jamestown, RI 07/13/2012 Clean sea 1
Clean-ish sea in Moss Landing 07/26/2012 Clean sea 1 Some foam in the harbor from the fish-offloading last night.
Clean sea 08/02/2012 Clean sea 1
No blooms so far 08/07/2012 Clean sea 1 After a very cold and wet May & June, it has been warm and sunny almost every day through July and the first week of August. Since...
No Jelly this year in SouthSardinia 08/18/2012 Clean sea 1 this year in SouthSardinia there's no jelly, happy days for swimmers
no jellies 07/23/2012 Clean sea 1 I was on holidays in the south of Corsica, France for two weeks from the 23rd of july to the 6th of august and dived every day. I did not...
nothing to see here, move along! :D 08/06/2012 Clean sea 1 a little late in reporting this, but... (date of sighting posted is the final day there) we spent 2 weeks camping here at camping villata,... alchemy149-08-22-12
Long Beach Island, NJ 08/22/2012 Clean sea 1
Nothing 08/30/2012 Clean sea 1
Comb Jellies 09/07/2012 Clean sea Comb Jellies 6 to 10 Only 15 foot visibility, no Moon Jellies(like last year). A few harmless Comb Jellies, the only Jellies I spotted!