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Title Date Type of organismsort icon Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
Comb Jellies 09/07/2012 Clean sea Comb Jellies 6 to 10 Only 15 foot visibility, no Moon Jellies(like last year). A few harmless Comb Jellies, the only Jellies I spotted!
Lots of green algae 09/15/2012 Clean sea 1 Didn't notice any animals, but lots of algae (Ulva) washing ashore at Seaside. beroe-09-18-12
Dolphins 10/19/2012 Clean sea Dolphins 6 to 10 jellywatch-10-20-12
The Beautiful Tides at Sea in Monterey Bay 10/19/2012 Clean sea 1 mobile_jellywatcher-10-20-12
clean sea 10/13/2012 Clean sea 1 No jellies to be found at the Northern Channel Islands
Clean Sea 12/16/2012 Clean sea 1
Clean Sea 12/16/2012 Clean sea 100+
Clean Sea 12/17/2012 Clean sea 1
Clear blue water 11/22/2012 Clean sea 1 Swam a bit offshore to the wreck and didn't see any jellies.The dive shop had one photo of Cephea and said they occasionally get... beroe-12-20-12
Clean Sea this morning 01/01/2013 Clean sea 1
Tayler 01/02/2013 Clean sea 6 to 10 mobile_jellywatcher-01-02-13
Clean Sea Balmoral 01/08/2013 Clean sea 1
Clean Sea Balmoral 01/09/2013 Clean sea 1 Although there were no jellyfish sightings, the water has been hazy for about a month. Water temp is 22C.
Clean Seas Balmoral 01/24/2013 Clean sea 1
Clean Sea but lots of grass 02/09/2013 Clean sea 1 Although the sea is clean, we had a lot of rain and rough seas last week. The water has been a brown/green colour with lots of grass...
Clean seas Balmoral 02/11/2013 Clean sea 1
Clean seas Balmoral 02/14/2013 Clean sea 1
Clean Sea Balmoral 02/15/2013 Clean sea 1
Blue water 03/02/2013 Clean sea 1 Chilly air, but water like a swimming pool. One plastic shopping bag captured. No sea life. beroe-03-03-13
The Beach 03/25/2013 Clean sea 6 to 10
February jelly counts off dock 02/27/2013 Clean sea 1 On most days in February that it was calm enough to see into surface waters from the dock, I saw:: NOTHING (but a few swimming amphipods,...
Clean sea on 2013-3-28 03/28/2013 Clean sea 100+
Clean Sea Balmoral 04/01/2013 Clean sea 1
no moon jellies!!!! 08/31/2012 Clean sea 1 None! I thought they liked me... ;(
Green seas 04/24/2013 Clean sea 1 No sea nettles, but lots of Nanomia and ctenophores, krill and whales. beroe-04-24-13
First Jellycatcher attempt, India Point Park 05/17/2013 Clean sea 1 No jellies :/ we will have to try the jellycatcher another time
Clean sea Balmoral 05/23/2013 Clean sea 1
Clean Sea Balmoral 05/22/2013 Clean sea 1
First open water swims 06/02/2013 Clean sea 1
No Jellyfish Today :) 06/22/2013 Clean sea 1
Saturday at 12 noon 06/22/2013 Clean sea Good day for swimming 1 mobile_jellywatcher-06-22-13
Charlestown Beach, RI 06/28/2013 Clean sea 1
No jelly today! 07/12/2013 Clean sea 1
No jelly 07/15/2013 Clean sea 1
No jelly today, enjoy the swim... 07/25/2013 Clean sea 1
Pas de méduses 08/09/2013 Clean sea 1
Mer belle sans méduses 08/10/2013 Clean sea 1 mobile_jellywatcher-08-10-13
Mer propre sans méduse ! 08/10/2013 Clean sea 100+
Clean sea 08/10/2013 Clean sea 1
Beautiful beachs 08/11/2013 Clean sea 1 mobile_jellywatcher-08-11-13
No nettles 08/22/2013 Clean sea 1 Strange that there are no nettles around this week.
No Jellyfish but no visibility under the water 09/10/2013 Clean sea 100+
No Jellyfish 09/12/2013 Clean sea 100+
Birds 09/18/2013 Clean sea 2 to 5 Walked about 2 miles on the Anastasia Beach. No jellyfish sightings. Saw a lot of birds feeding on sea weed. The weather is overcast and... jellywatch-09-18-13
Engraulis ringens, pesca de Anchoveta en el Mar Peruano 05/16/2013 Clean sea 100+ Python-10-26-13
None in northeast Kauai 01/01/2013 Clean sea 1 We spent a month on the northeast shore of Kauai from December 10 to January 10, 2012-13. We saw NO JELLYFISH in the water or on the...
Ocean at Canggu 12/16/2013 Clean sea 1 Some swimmers and surfers out enjoying the water. Only a small amount of medical waste and storm water runoff. jellywatch-12-16-13
Relatively sparse on Monterey Bay 03/19/2014 Clean sea 1 Some Nanomia at 200 meters and plenty of "Aegina" down around 500 meters, but no Chrysaora at the surface, and no Mitrocoma...
Clean sea at Saplaya beach 04/18/2014 Clean sea 1 Clear water, no plastic litter, no jellyfish Alex Damian-04-18-14
Asilomar 04/17/2014 Clean sea 1 I am an observer for mpa watch which is a part of otter watcg. I can pass along info pertinent to your watch as i regularly do these....