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Title Date Type of organismsort icon Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
large jelly 03/09/2016 Box Jelly 1 Dead Python-03-15-16
Naka island stung by jellyfish in shallow water 03/20/2016 Box Jelly 1 We took the James Bond island tour and I was stung by a jellyfish. It was horrible. I still feel tingling and burning. The tour guide never... Alive
Tamoya sp. at Tung Wua Lan beach Chumporn, Thailand 04/13/2016 Box Jelly 1 More than 10 people stung by the Jellyfish were taken to hospital. Alive Jellywatcher-04-20-16
Jimbles at Northbridge Baths 06/23/2016 Box Jelly 11 to 99 As well as the plague of Moon jellyfish we've had for the past few months, we now have Jimbles as well! Saw over a dozen inside the...
Moon jellyfish spotting 05/13/2016 Box Jelly Moon Jellyfish 2 to 5 Several 5-10 cm Aurelia spp. Moon jellyfish noted. 14 degrees C water temp; 2.1 meter Secchi Depth. JFK Pier. mobile_jellywatcher-06-25-16
Jimbles Cronulla 06/28/2016 Box Jelly Jimble 100+ Hundreds of jimbles off Shelly Beach Cronulla- observed during ocean swim from Shelly Beach towards Shark Island. We have seen a few over... Alive jellywatch-06-30-16
Box Jellyfish on East Coast U.S. 07/14/2016 Box Jelly 1 IN the coastal lagoon of the Delmarva Peninsula of Virginia I was conducting a scallop survey for research and saw a box jelly. I gave... Alive
Swimming in the sea 07/22/2016 Box Jelly 1
Got stung 3 times but not too hard just unpleasant 07/19/2016 Box Jelly 6 to 10 mobile_jellywatcher-07-23-16
Jimbles 07/27/2016 Box Jelly Cubozoa 11 to 99 I thought it may be safer to swim in the enclosed pool until I spotted about 20 Jimbles. Alive swimmingidiots-07-26-16
Box Jellyfish Myrtle Beach 08/02/2016 Box Jelly Chiropsalmus 2 to 5 Got reports of several bad stings at Myrtle beach. We quickly packed up and headed there. Seemed to be a lot of concerned beach goers. We... Gogreenman-08-05-16
Uff 08/09/2016 Box Jelly 2 to 5
Velella velella 08/12/2016 Box Jelly 6 to 10 Dead Python-08-12-16
palm coast fl. box jellyfish 08/12/2016 Box Jelly 1 About the size of fingernail clear with four tentacles found in the "c" section canals Alive
Box Jellyfish Sighting & Sting 08/26/2016 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Alive
A box jellyfish at myrtle beach 09/01/2016 Box Jelly 1 My name is noah and I saw a box jellyfish at myrtle beach with my dad. I was going to take a picture, but my camera was in the hotel. It...
Tamoya at Myrtle Beach 09/04/2016 Box Jelly Tamoya 1 I was browsing Instagram this morning and came across a video of a live Tamoya haplonema specimen found at Myrtle Beach. It's really... Gogreenman-09-04-16
Jimbles at Balmoral 09/09/2016 Box Jelly Cubozoa 6 to 10 Those pesky Jimbles continue to make swimming at Balmoral an adventure. Most surprising was to find one washed ashore! I spotted 7 today on... Dead swimmingidiots-09-08-16
Tamoya Haplonema 09/13/2016 Box Jelly Tamoya 1 It was raining jellyfish, especially cubozoans today at Sunset Beach. By chance, I found my first Tamoya haplonema specimen, which was... Gogreenman-09-12-16
Chiropsalmus 09/12/2016 Box Jelly Chiropsalmus 11 to 99 I collected and saw more specimens of Chiropsalmus today than I have in my lifetime. It was amazing. Most were in poor shape, as they were... Gogreenman-09-12-16
Need Identification Box Jelly?? 09/21/2016 Box Jelly Box jelly 1 Ridgid bell had knobs or wart like bumps on top of bell. Four purple tentacles. Was still alive. Don't know what kind it is. Returned... Beachgurl322-09-22-16
Jimbles@balmoral 10/04/2016 Box Jelly 11 to 99
Jimbles at balmoral 10/04/2016 Box Jelly 6 to 10
Jimbles aplenty 10/05/2016 Box Jelly Jimbles 11 to 99
Jimbles 10/26/2016 Box Jelly Jimbles !? 11 to 99
Jimbles everywhere 10/27/2016 Box Jelly Jimbles 11 to 99
Jimble sting 10/27/2016 Box Jelly Cubozoa 11 to 99 Spotted about 20 Jimbles close to shore yesterday when I went for a swim and was stung on the wrist. I felt the sting but the welts are... swimmingidiots-10-27-16
Jimbles in sydney 10/28/2016 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Three Jimbles spotted in balmoral beach Sydney. Alive
Carybdea marsupialis,vista en Cabo pino,Málaga, España. 10/16/2016 Box Jelly 1 Alive jellywatch-10-29-16
Jimbles at Balmoral 11/04/2016 Box Jelly Cubozoa 11 to 99 Saw about 20 Jimbles this morning bunched near the island. I also found one washed ashore prior to the swim but after my swim I noticed the... Alive swimmingidiots-11-03-16
Seven Jimbles spotted at Balmoral 11/03/2016 Box Jelly Cubozoa 6 to 10 Counted about 7 Jimbles on the swim this morning. Fortunately I avoided getting stung. They were near the cones about 80 metres offshore. Alive
Stingy jimbles or similar. Pink in colour 11/03/2016 Box Jelly Jimbles 11 to 99
Box Jellyfish Found in Monterey Bay 04/17/2010 Box Jelly 1 While diving near the wharf next to Del Monte Beach on Saturday, 04-17-10, I spotted a 1.5" long jelly with a clear box-shaped body...
Poisonous stings required ER visit! 12/26/2016 Box Jelly 2 to 5
Small box jellyfish at Maslins Beach 01/07/2017 Box Jelly 1 My girlfriend and I discovered a small box jellyfish while snorkelling at Maslins Beach in South Australia. We tried to catch it but we... Alive
Box Jelly collected from mouth of Mobile Bay (Alabama) 02/07/2017 Box Jelly Alatina alata 1 Alatina alata collected by Jenny Cook of Discovery Hall Programs of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (Alabama) while collecting with Sweet Water... Kbayha-02-07-17
zero 03/29/2010 Clean sea 1 nothing to report in surf, rising tide, 5-6:30 pm
zero 04/13/2010 Clean sea 1 nothing of note- 12-15 April 2010, four day dives and two night snorkels
nothing 04/29/2010 Clean sea 1 no jellies, no plastic 5-6:30 pm
Aurelia sp. missing form Palau's jellyfish lake 04/15/2010 Clean sea 1 While snorkeling in Palau's jellyfish lake on April 14th 2010 I noticed that Aurelia sp. jellies were not present amongst the millions...
No jellies or other macroplankton 03/01/2010 Clean sea 1 Water clean and without visible plankton.
Clean seas in Spanish Med 07/15/2010 Clean sea 1 Very few jellies
No jellies outside of Moss Landing Harbor 08/21/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled west into Monterey Bay about 4 miles from Moss Landing, did not sight a single jelly, except for those at the boat launch ramp....
cleanest August for many years in Tel Aviv 08/27/2010 Clean sea 1 Jellyfish rarely seen in Tel Aviv beaches throughout August. I don't remeber such a relatively clean month for many years
No jellies - Richardson Bay, SF, Cal 09/26/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled around Richardson Bay from Sea Trek to Pt. Belvedere. Not a single jelly.
Golden Gate - no jellies 12/11/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled from Horseshoe Cove to Point Bonita, but did not see a single jelly.
No Jellies at Golden Gate 12/26/2010 Clean sea 1 Paddled from Horseshoe Cove to Kirby Cove and then to Pt. Covallo. Not a single jelly sighted.
East San Francisco Bay - No jellies 01/23/2011 Clean sea 1 Paddled from Berkeley South Basin to Golden Gate Fields. No jellies.
Clean seas in Goleta Bay 01/23/2011 Clean sea 1 Paddle board from Campus point to the Pier and out a mile. Glassy calm and no jellies seen.
Just recording a Zero 02/04/2011 Clean sea 1 There aren't any jellies on West or East Sands beaches, St. Andrews,Scotland.