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Title Date Type of organism Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
Lions mane 02/22/2017 Jellyfish 2 to 5 Small lions mane jellyfish are in Salt Ponds, southern Chesapeake Bay
clear, firm, boxy jelly with a tail? 02/22/2017 Jellyfish 1 Dead Python-02-22-17
Ocyropsis ctenophore in Monterey Bay 02/15/2017 Other Ctenophore 1 Ocyropsis ctenophore in Monterey Bay Alive underwaterpat-02-21-17
Jellypalooza 2017 in Monterey Bay 02/14/2017 Other 100+ Phacellophora egg-yolk jelly (2-5) Physophora hydrostatica siphonophores (11-99) Praya siphonophore (1) Velamen (1) Beroe forskalii (1... Alive underwaterpat-02-21-17
Ocyropsis comb jelly in Monterey Bay 01/27/2014 Other 1 Ocyropsis comb jelly in Monterey Bay off of San Carlos Beach. Video: Alive underwaterpat-02-21-17
ASP Playa Cucao 02/21/2017 Red Tide ASP 11 to 99
Lions mane 02/19/2017 Jellyfish Lions Mane 1 mobile_jellywatcher-02-19-17
unknown pink and orange jelly 02/16/2017 Other 2 to 5 Physophora hydrostatica Alive jellyhunter-02-26-17
Massive Jellyfish Beaching 02/17/2017 Jellyfish 100+ In a 1 1/2 mile stretch that we walked on the beach, we estimated there to be around 32,500 dead jellyfish on the beach. Dead jellywatch-02-21-17
Thysanostoma thysanura in Gorontalo, Indonesia 02/15/2017 Jellyfish 1 Single jellyfish about 40 cm long actively swimming at surface with an accompanying juvenile trevally and a small cardinalfish on the bell... jellywatch-02-15-17
Box Jellyfish - St. Kitts 12/29/2016 Jellyfish 1 Heading back to my liveaboard and had to navigate around a Box Jellyfish Alive
Bluebottles at Balmoral 02/14/2017 Man o war 2 to 5 Stung by a bluebottle this morning about 350m offshore. Tricky to get the stinger off once it was wrapped around my hand. The bluebottle... Alive
no jellies at JAMSTEC 02/13/2017 Clean sea 1
Observed in very shallow water near shore in Free School Creek 02/13/2017 Jellyfish Lion's Mane 1 mobile_jellywatcher-02-12-17
Clear Jelly Pods 02/12/2017 Other Pyrosomes 1 Clear Jelly pods with rough surface along Cannery Row beaches jellywatch-02-12-17
Clear Jelly like slippers 02/12/2017 Other Pteropod 100+ Clear jelly like slippers with rough surface all long Monterey beaches jellywatch-02-12-17
HUGE THING 02/13/2017 Jellyfish Jellyfish 1 mobile_jellywatcher-02-12-17
Hula skirt siphonophore 02/11/2017 Jellyfish Hula skirt siphonophore 2 to 5
Jellyfish - ctenophores 09/12/2016 Jellyfish Ctenophore 11 to 99 mobile_jellywatcher-02-12-17
Plastic debris 08/31/2016 Plastic Debris 11 to 99 mobile_jellywatcher-02-12-17
Jellyfish 09/26/2016 Jellyfish 11 to 99 mobile_jellywatcher-02-12-17
Millions of pyrosomes 02/11/2017 Other Pyrosomes 100+ Washing up with the flotsam from the recent rains. beroe-02-10-17
Continued jellies in Monterey Bay 02/10/2017 Jellyfish ctenophores, siphonophores 100+ Patrick W reports: Arrow worm (1), velamen comb jelly (1), Pegea salps (many, solitary and together), smaller pyrosomes and then larger... Alive
Miscellaneous jellies in the bay. 02/09/2017 Jellyfish Ctenophores, pteropods 100+ Pat W from the Aquarium reports: _ Phacellophora (small, many) _ Physophora sikphonophores (many, beautiful) + Praya bits _ Large and...
clean sea, clean beaches; Homer, Alaska 02/09/2017 Clean sea 1 chayatamal-02-08-17
Box Jelly collected from mouth of Mobile Bay (Alabama) 02/07/2017 Box Jelly Alatina alata 1 Alatina alata collected by Jenny Cook of Discovery Hall Programs of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab (Alabama) while collecting with Sweet Water... Kbayha-02-07-17
Man o War in Canaries 02/05/2017 Man o war 2 to 5 Two on the beach. Reported by Beth. Unhealthy jellywatch-02-06-17
tires 01/28/2017 Plastic tire 2 to 5 mobile_jellywatcher-02-05-17
dead sea otter 01/29/2017 Mammal dead otter 1 mobile_jellywatcher-02-05-17
Caudina arenicola 02/05/2017 Other Sea Cucumber 2 to 5 A few specimens near Crystal Pier Dead Jellywatcher-02-05-17
South jetty to Carlin Park Jupiter,Florida 02/04/2017 Man o war 11 to 99 Close to a hundred man of war washing up in the tide line. The photo was taken of the only live one I found on my walk. I returned it to... Beachgurl322-02-05-17
Jellyfish 02/04/2017 Jellyfish 1 Unknown species. About the size of a quarter. Dead Jellywatcher-02-04-17
Cannonball and Whelk -St. Simons Island,GA 01/28/2017 Jellyfish Cannonball 6 to 10 Elizabeth Eubanks-01-28-17
Cannonballs on Pensacola Beach 01/26/2017 Jellyfish 2 to 5 Elizabeth Eubanks-01-26-17
A white jelly fish 01/25/2017 Jellyfish 11 to 99 I was on "tembladores" Beach near of la serena un Chile, and a white jelly fish bite me (am not sure id they bite but it huert)
jellyfish in danger 01/25/2017 Jellyfish 2 to 5 It's a jellyfish in danger
Liriope tetraphylla 01/25/2017 Other Hydromedusa 1 Found this small Hydromedusa amongst some floating reeds. Salinity was 1.025 SG. It was very interesting to find what is apparently an open... Gogreenman-01-25-17
bottle caps 01/22/2017 Plastic bottle caps 2 to 5 mobile_jellywatcher-01-22-17
bird sighting 01/22/2017 Mammal bird 11 to 99 mobile_jellywatcher-01-22-17
Thysanostoma in Hawaii!! 01/20/2017 Jellyfish Thysanostoma sp 1 We saw a large pelagic jellyfish, Thysanostoma sp., in Hanauma Bay on the island of Oahu 1/20/17. Alive Jellywatcher-01-21-17
ctenéforos 01/20/2017 Other Ctenophores 2 to 5 Alive
Velella velella remnants 01/19/2017 Other Velella 100+ Thousands on the high water line, sandy beach on the Scottish side of the Irish Sea North Channel, afternoon 19/01/17. Weather calm, but... Dead Jellywatcher-01-20-17
no jellies at JAMSTEC 01/17/2017 Clean sea 1
Velella at Bamfield, BC 01/07/2017 Other Velella 11 to 99
Velella in Glaway 12/26/2016 Other Velella 100+ Glassilaun Beach, Connemara, Co Galway, Ireland large numbers (hundreds I'd say) of what I think must be Vellella washed up on full... Unhealthy
Man o War at Cocoa Beach 01/16/2017 Man o war 100+ "Thousands" said to wash up. Unhealthy
sea butterfly 01/06/2017 Other thecosome pteropods 11 to 99 There were many healthy ones in the water and also many stranded on the boat ramp at the Breakwater in Monterey CA Jellywatcher-01-17-17
hydromedusa 01/06/2017 Jellyfish 2 to 5 Jellywatcher-01-17-17
Crowned Jellyfish 01/16/2017 Jellyfish 1 we saw crowned jellyfish, Cephea cephea, at south shore of Oahu while doing scuba diving. This pelagic species is uncommon in Hawaii, but... Alive Jellywatcher-01-17-17
Velella washed ashore - West Coast of Ireland 01/16/2017 Other Velella 11 to 99 Velella velella, (by-the-wind sailor) blown ashore onto beach at Ballybunion, located at the Estuary of the Shannon River Ireland. Dead