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Titlesort icon Date Type of organism Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
09/07/2014 Other Sargassum, wind, no jellies 100+ Where are the jellies? Eubanks-09-07-14
Aurelia aurita 05/24/2010 Jellyfish 6 to 10 about half a dozen moon jellies stranded at high tide mark in Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach. Two had left 1 to 2 foot-long tracks in the... Jellywatcher-05-24-10
Beach Clean-up at Matura 05/18/2014 Man o war 1 I visited the popular Matura Beach during the month of April 2014 in the Caribbean island of Trinidad. It was my first experience at a... Physalia jellyhunter-01-12-16
Blue Button Jellyfish (porpita porpita) Darwin, NT 09/29/2013 Jellyfish 11 to 99 porpita porpita sighted washed up on coastal beaches around Darwin Harbour. jellywatch-10-01-13
Blue Jellyfish Floating Near Shore 08/01/2015 Jellyfish Velella 1 I was walking out the surf and saw a lone blue jellyfish floating near shore. It looked whole and healthy. Of course I couldn't tell... Unhealthy
Cassiopea xamachana 10/20/2011 Jellyfish 2 to 5 Here is a photograph I took of a Dondice parguerensis feeding on the tentacles of a Cassiopea xamachana. When I saw the photo on my... jellywatch-03-04-14
jellyfish 05/28/2012 Jellyfish 1 I have never seen this jellyfish in my area before. jellywatch-08-21-16
Man o war 10/17/2011 Man o war Man o war 2 to 5 Jellywatcher-10-17-13
man o war and moon jellies washed ashore on South Beach, Florida 11/30/2014 Man o war 100+ massive amounts of man o war and moon jellies washed ashore on South Beach, Florida many people getting stung over the last few days,... Jellywatcher-11-30-14
"By-the-wind sailor" 08/22/2014 Jellyfish 100+ At Miramar Beach this morning saw hundreds maybe thousands of them washed up on shore. So beautiful. (don't know if they are dead or... Dead Jellywatcher-08-22-14
"Fresh" Pelagia Noctiluca off Cap Camarat (France) 06/30/2013 Jellyfish 100+ From 6:00 to 15:00, I observed hundreds of jellyfish (pelagia noctiluca only) off Cap Camarat, France. They were located just beside the...
"fried" or poached" egg jelly fish 07/06/2014 Jellyfish 1 Seen last evening while paddle boarding in the waters between Comox marina and Comox spit. About 18 to 24 ". This is the second time...
"Kami Kurage" season has just begun in Tokyo bay! 01/17/2016 Jellyfish 100+ "Kami Kurage" means "Haired Jellyfish" in Japanese. It's Spirocodon saltator in scientific name. Alive Jellywatcher-01-21-16
"Krill" 09/01/2013 Other Amphipods 100+ Billions of amphipods in Vineyard sound
"Other" on 2014-5-17 05/17/2014 Other 1 Python-05-17-14
"Sarsia-type" hydrozoans microzooplankton in Norway 10/08/2013 Jellyfish 6 to 10 smaller than 1 cm caught at 15 meter depth with 150 micron plankton net photos by Bruno Vellutini jfryan-10-11-13
(part of an) octopus 03/02/2016 Squid 1 chayatamal-03-02-16
09/14/2013 09/14/2013 Other 2 to 5 No jellyfish but multiple bottle nose dolphins
09/17/2013 09/17/2013 Other 100+ no jellyfish but large amount of sea lice-2nd overpass, vilano beach
09/21/13 09/21/2013 Jellyfish 11 to 99 multiple pancake looking jellyfish
09/30/2013 09/30/2013 Plastic 1 no jellyfish but lots of plastic
1 Man o War washed up dead on North Chatham Beach. 09/12/2015 Man o war 1 Dead
1 mauve stinger (pelagia noctiluca) and 1 fried egg (cotylorhiza tuberculata) jellyfish 09/15/2010 Jellyfish 2 to 5 yet another beautiful day for swimming. very clear waters. only 2 jellyfish today, so very light. only one small mauve stinger and one...
1 mauve stinger (pelagia noctiluca) and 5 fried egg (cotylorhiza tuberculata) jellyfish (and a suggestion or two) 09/14/2010 Jellyfish 6 to 10 typical swim today. the water was was pretty clear and calm. no waves, no wind. i saw one small mauve stinger and a handful of the fried...
1 per day.. 08/23/2013 Jellyfish 2 to 5
1" jellies on Seacliff State Beach 01/02/2011 Jellyfish 11 to 99 Dozens of them had washed up drthom-01-03-11
10 Stomolophus and 3 Aurelia 12/02/2013 Jellyfish 11 to 99 30 miles offshore of Tybee Island, Ga
10/04/2013 10/04/2013 Jellyfish 11 to 99 Multiple jellyfish, fish, and dolphins seen in the Mantanzas River while kayaking
10/10/13 10/10/2013 Jellyfish 2 to 5 St. Augustine Beach No jellyfish in the water - Few clear circular jelly tissue washed up on shore
10/12/2013 10/12/2013 Jellyfish 100+ Lots of jellyfish, warmer water and sandbar seemed to bring them in-juno beach
10/15/2013 10/15/2013 Mammal 2 to 5 no jellyfish but multiple sting rays and dolphin, cold water also
10/16/13 10/16/2013 Other 1 St. Augustine Beach No jellyfish spotted
10/18/13 10/18/2013 Other Bird 1 No jellyfish spotted Baby hammerhead shark spotted - fisherman caught it from the St. Augustine Beach pier
10/19/2013 10/19/2013 Jellyfish 10/19/2013 100+ lots of stinging jellyfish, possibly Atlantic Sea Nettle, warmer water and shallow
10/22/2013 10/22/2013 Other 1 no jellyfish but possible Black Tip shark sighting-water was below 75
10/25/13 10/25/2013 Jellyfish Black tipped shark 1 St. Augustine Beach One red jellyfish spotted One black tipped shark spotted
10/27/2013 10/27/2013 Jellyfish 2 to 5 No jellyfish in the water but multiple pancake looking jellyfish with no tentacles washed up on the beach
10/28/13 10/28/2013 Other Fish 6 to 10 Vilano Beach No jellyfish spotted Small fish jumping
10/5/13 10/05/2013 Jellyfish Black tipped shark, Reef shark 11 to 99 Boynton Beach - On boat in ocean 0 to 7 miles out. Spotted many moon jellyfish with a pink/purple tint. Saw most when less than 1 mile from...
10/8/13 10/08/2013 Mammal Dolphins 2 to 5 Vilano Beach No jellyfish spotted Multiple dolphins jumping
100 of sea gooseberries in harbor 07/24/2016 Jellyfish Pleurobrachia Sea Gooseberries 100+
100's man o war 03/13/2016 Man o war 100+ Alive
100's of jellyfish by Lighthouse Inn 06/22/2012 Jellyfish 100+ Clear jellyfish with white circles in masses and individually. Also white ones that can propel themselves.
100+ but harmless swam with them for over an hour 07/24/2014 Jellyfish Harmless 100+
100+ Physalia utriculus on Bondi Beach 01/08/2011 Man o war Portuguese Man of War 100+ More than 100 Physalia utriculus (Blue Bottle) on the water line and in the surf at Bondi beach NSW.
1000's of Aurelia drying out on salt marsh 06/08/2015 Jellyfish 100+ 1000-1500 moon jellies (Aurelia aurita) drying out on a 0.5 mile stretch of salt marsh and stranded in creek system at the mouth of the... Dead Jellywatcher-06-08-15
1000s of blue buttons 12/17/2016 Jellyfish Blue botton 100+ 1000s of jelly fish showed up in the surf all of a sudden
1000s of Velella in Moss Landing 04/06/2015 Other Velella 100+ mobile_jellywatcher-04-06-15
100s of jellyfish in San Juan islands 07/06/2016 Jellyfish 11 to 99 On a ferry ride from Anacortes to Orcas Island, a round-trip of about 30 miles, we passed about 100 jellyfish in the water scattered along... Alive
11 year old daughter stung 07/16/2013 Man o war 1 paradise beach florida