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Title Date Type of organismsort icon Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
Jellies in Daytona Beach 09/04/2009 Box Jelly 100+ News report mentions both scyphos and box jellies, but unclear. jellywatch-09-20-09
Box jellies in Waikiki 10/14/2009 Box Jelly 100+ Reports later said fewer than normal
Box jellies in Hanauma Bay 01/09/2010 Box Jelly 11 to 99 This is the monthly predicted bloom.
Box jellies in Hanauma Bay 02/07/2010 Box Jelly 11 to 99 Lifeguards closed the bay due to box jellies, Feb 7 to 8th (at least)
Box jelly at Mackay beach 02/15/2010 Box Jelly 11 to 99 from a net tow
Box jellies at Mackay beaches 02/19/2010 Box Jelly 11 to 99 More caught in nets during trawling
Fiji jellyfish 05/20/2009 Box Jelly 11 to 99 A type of Alatina sp. of carybdeid (Looked like the Australian Alatina mordens, or Alatina moseri of Hawaii) was sighted at the back of the... Teresa-02-25-10
Box Jellies in Hawaii 03/09/2010 Box Jelly 100+ Monthly influx
Waimea Box jellies 04/07/2010 Box Jelly 6 to 10 This AM, found 10 box jellies stranded at high water line on Waimea Beach (Park on N. Shore of Oahu) & one in water noted by swimmer.
two types of Jelly at Kahekili Beach; box & unknown 05/12/2010 Box Jelly 6 to 10 Jellywatcher-05-12-10
Isle of Palms jelly watch 07/19/2010 Box Jelly 1 Box Jelly
Isle of Palms jelly watch 07/19/2010 Box Jelly 1 Box Jelly
Isle of Palms jelly watch 07/23/2010 Box Jelly Cubozoa 1 Box Jelly jellywatch-07-24-10
Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish 07/01/2010 Box Jelly 2 to 5 My wife and I were in Bonaire for two weeks this summer. We both snorkel and take some underwater photogrpahs. We actually saw two... jellywatch-10-20-10
Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish 06/28/2010 Box Jelly 1 My wife and I saw two Bonaire Banded Box Jellyfish last summer. I sent in one sighting for July 1st 2010. I am now sending in the first... jellywatch-10-20-10
Irukandji in Queensland 12/13/2010 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Some small box jellies reported at Palm Cove in Cairns.
box jelly 02/01/2011 Box Jelly 6 to 10 i was suming and saw 7 of them
box jelly 06/07/2011 Box Jelly 11 to 99
Box Jellyfish in Mauritius 09/05/2009 Box Jelly 11 to 99 I was on holiday in Grand Bay (North) Mauritius and on my last night on the island I planned a night swim. I got about knee-deep in the...
Box jellies in Botany Bay, Australia 07/31/2011 Box Jelly 6 to 10 6 box jellies spotted at Botany Bay in NSW.
Tripedalia cystophora 09/27/2009 Box Jelly 1 The Box Jellyfish Tripedalia cystophora was first offically documented in US waters in september 2009, in Boca Raton Florida. Since then,...
Box jellyfish in southern california? 09/17/2011 Box Jelly 1 Marina Del Rey Harbor E doc. Yesterday I watched a jellyfish with a box shaped head chase fish for about ten minutes. It was swimming...
Chiropsalmus quadrumanus 11/12/2011 Box Jelly 2 to 5 a local observerd several specimens swimming against the current around his dock light, he was able to collect one for Id.
Chiropsalmus quadrumanus 11/13/2011 Box Jelly 1 A Boca Raton resident noticed the jelly swimming by his dock light in a channel off the ICW
Big cubomedusae washed ashore in Santa Rosa Sound, Pensacola Beach Florida 12/14/2011 Box Jelly 1 Large 7-8" bell height box jelly was found washed ashore in Santa Rosa Sound, Pensacola Beach Florida. Biggest I have seen in the Gulf... jellywatch-12-14-11
Orchid Beach 12/10/2010 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Snorkelling and saw a few of these jellys in and around Orchid Beach and Pirate Cove on Vieques, Puerto Rico
was it a box jelly? 07/10/1990 Box Jelly 11 to 99 hi, my name is dimitris and i had a bad experience with a jelly fish. It was many years from today but it was so painful that i will never...
Box Jellies Behind Waikiki Aquarium, Hawaii 03/25/2012 Box Jelly 2 to 5
Severe Sting by Unknown Jelly 08/13/2011 Box Jelly 1 I was stung by an unknown jelly in August 2011, while swimming at a depth of 5-6 feet. Attached is a picture of the wound on day 6. The... Jellywatcher-05-17-12
Chiropsalmus sp. Washed Ashore At South Jekyll Island 07/20/2012 Box Jelly 1 A two inch wide and two inch tall bell with four small pedalia and up to 5 fingers on each one. the mouth is shaped like a four-point star...
Tripedalia cystophora 06/27/2012 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Two specimens were collected in the mangrove lagoon of J.D MacAuthur State Park. Currently this could be the northern most range for T....
capture in net 09/29/2010 Box Jelly 6 to 10 Boxjelly from shrimp fishermen nets Jellywatcher-08-13-12
Jimbles (Carybdea rastoni) 12/06/2012 Box Jelly Carybdea 6 to 10
Jimble Convention (Jimbles (Carybdea rastoni)) 12/07/2012 Box Jelly Carybdea 100+ Hundreds of jimbles attacked us on Thursday morning - there were 180 of us and most got stung multiple times! iSwimtoo-12-08-12
Jimble in Fairy Bower, NSW 01/03/2013 Box Jelly Carybdea 1 Got stung by a jimble whilst snorkeling
Stung several times while swimming 01/05/2013 Box Jelly 2 to 5
Box jellyfish sighting, 7 Mile Beach , New South Wales 03/23/2013 Box Jelly 1 I found a box jellyfish washed up on the beach at Seven Mile Beach, Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia. I noticed it yesterday...
Box jelly on 2012-9-23 09/23/2012 Box Jelly 1
Coogee beach, New South Wales, Australia 05/19/2013 Box Jelly Carybdea 2 to 5 Swam into jimbles recently which got caught in my costume and packed a mighty sting, ending up with whip like belts, severe pain and ending...
Chiropsalmus sp. (Box jelly) on Jekyll Island 07/20/2012 Box Jelly Nomen Dubium Cubozoan 1 This box jellyfish was washed ashore and in bad condition. The medusa has a 2 inch wide and tall bell with 4 short pedalia with 3 to 5...
mėduses violettes plage carras 06/25/2013 Box Jelly 11 to 99 plage carras
Jellyfish in Ibiza 06/28/2013 Box Jelly 11 to 99 Purple box jellyfish - lots of them! Shoreline Cala Pada, Ibiza
playa de La Salida 07/01/2013 Box Jelly 2 to 5
Grand Cayman Snlorkeling at Rum Point 07/03/2013 Box Jelly 1 While snorkeling at Rum Point on Grand Cayman Island I saw and photographed a box jellyfish. I also took some video. This Box Jellyfish... Jellywatcher-07-10-13
Atlantic Box Jelly 07/03/2013 Box Jelly 1 jellywatch-07-12-13
Chiropsalmus quadrumanus 07/31/2013 Box Jelly 2 to 5 Two box jellies found under springmaid pier Jellywatcher-07-31-13
Carybdea marsupialis - Lido di Venezia 08/05/2013 Box Jelly 1 05:25 PM. Isolated Carybdea marsupialis, on water surface, near the shore.
A small jelly 08/11/2013 Box Jelly 1
Chiropsalmus 08/23/2013 Box Jelly Chiropsalmus 6 to 10 I was able to collect some Chiropsalmus, 8 of them. Most are really beat up and possibly dead. I have male and females though. None had... Gogreenman-08-23-13
Chiropsalmus sp. 08/21/2013 Box Jelly Chiropsalmus 1 This was from a video posted recently on YouTube,( This sighting is very important because 1)... jellywatch-08-30-13