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Title Datesort icon Type of organism Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
Portuguese man o war in Florida 06/01/1974 Man o war Physalia 1 Childhood encounter with jelly and lifeguard
Sea Nettles 08/01/1975 Jellyfish 6 to 10 Years ago actually when I was with my family on the beach on the North side of the Potomac River, that part of the Potomac that is clean...
jellies in Kuwait 10/01/1979 Jellyfish 100+ In the neutral zone; lots of them so couldn't go swimming. Mostly white/transparent and also a few Portuguese man-o-war.
was it a box jelly? 07/10/1990 Box Jelly 11 to 99 hi, my name is dimitris and i had a bad experience with a jelly fish. It was many years from today but it was so painful that i will never...
Stung in Pangkor 09/04/1991 Jellyfish 1 Swimming innocently along the beach when i felt this branch like pain along my arm. Yank my arm out and ran for the shore. The results were...
Jellies in Israel 06/14/1994 Jellyfish 100+ White jellies filling the water 4-10 inch diameter, absolutely filling the water
Jellies in Kure, Japan 07/01/1997 Jellyfish 100+ Probably moon jellies, lots of them, densely packed near piers
Cyanea capillata/Lion's mane 09/15/1998 Jellyfish 100+
Thimble jellies 10/31/2000 Jellyfish 100+ mats up to 0.3m thick drifting past all day
Chilpo Green Beach South Korea 05/30/2001 Jellyfish Purple people eaters? 100+ This is an ancient sighting, but interesting enough to me I suppose. May/June of 2001, I was working off the coast of Chilpo Green Beach,...
PYROSOMA 03/15/2003 Other Salps 100+ Thousands of pyrosoma in water all day long- cold water upwellings (est 70F). Some individuals 10cm + March 2003- I forget exact date....
Velella from 2003 06/22/2003 Other Velella 100+ Reported by Mark D: The beach was littered with thousands of little indigo blue jelly fish Unhealthy
Many jellyfish in Scotland 06/30/2004 Jellyfish 100+ It was quite remarkable, many many (easily hundreds) jellyfish washing up when we were travelling in Scotland, near Kyle Lochalsch in the...
Alve with Jellyfish 07/21/2004 Jellyfish 1 Lots of small clear jellies and nudibranchs (purple and yellow) while scuba diving inside the sandbar by the Pajaro River.
Aurelia in Japan 2004 12/16/2004 Jellyfish Aurelia 100+ Large drift-rows of moon jellies in the harbor of the JAMSTEC headquarters, right behind their ship. beroe-09-01-10
Large aggregations of Lions Mane Jellies 08/23/2005 Jellyfish 100+ During marine mammal and ocean sunfish surveys off of Vancouver, researchers noted many moon jellies, but on one day in particular, very...
Chrysaora hysoscella and Red Tide 01/08/2006 Red Tide 11 to 99 On the beach the tide was red and loads of washed up jellys and many in the water.
Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii giant jellyfish on shore 01/15/2006 Jellyfish 1 I found this very large jelly fish on the shore in Kaneohe Bay. It was very recently washed up as it was in perfect condition in full... Jellywatcher-06-06-11
Jelly fish in island lake 05/18/2006 Jellyfish 100+ on a scuba diving trip to Nabucco Island in Indonesia we visited a small island nearby it had a little lake on it (Danau Kakaban) with no... jellywatch-04-04-10
Pink Sea Critter 06/09/2006 Other unknown 2 to 5 I saw two of these on the same day in the same area. The one in the photo was moving independently of the current by undulating the areas... Jellywatcher-08-05-13
Swimming in the South China Sea 08/23/2006 Jellyfish 100+ The first time I encounter a Jellyfish was by being touched swimming in the South China Sea. It was of course extremely painful, but the...
Very Large Jellyfish Monterey Bay 09/19/2006 Jellyfish 1 Sailing a Hobie 20 from Santa Cruz to Moss Landing we saw a jellyfish that was approximately 7 feet across with tentacles that were...
Ctenophores galore 11/11/2006 Other Ctenophores and Salps 100+ Lots of ctenophores and salps
Salp chains in the Red Sea 04/05/2007 Other Salp 100+ Salp Chain in the straits of Tiran (Cyclosalpa) jellywatch-02-25-10
Salp chains near Aqaba 04/14/2007 Other salps 100+ Salp chains, Aqaba Jordan free floaters 10,000+ in clusters jellywatch-02-25-10
Massive blue jelly at Barmouth, Wales, UK. 06/23/2007 Jellyfish 1 We were paddling in the sea in Wales, UK and came across this monster. It was stranded as the tide was going out so I re-launched it back... Jellywatcher-06-02-11
Lake Jellies? 07/01/2007 Jellyfish 11 to 99 I worked at a summer camp a few years ago as a lifeguard/boating instructor in Southern New Hampshire. The kids told me about the jellyfish...
Versuriga anadyomene 08/15/2007 Jellyfish 6 to 10 Jellywatcher-09-13-13
Pink and purple jellies at the Caves 08/23/2007 Jellyfish 100+ Gorgeous! Lots of them in the water.
pelagic jellyfish off Kona Hawaii 09/05/2007 Jellyfish 1 Thysanostoma sp., probably Thysanostoma flagellatum, accompanied by a commensal island jack, Carangoides orthogrammus, 1-2 miles offshore... Alive
Mastigias in Kaneohe Bay 10/23/2007 Jellyfish 1 Old sighting from 2007, only found one in the north part of Kaneohe. jellyhunter-03-05-14
Box Jellyfish in Koh Mak, Thailand 12/23/2007 Box Jelly 1
Pleurobrachia at surface 02/08/2008 Jellyfish 6 to 10 Few very small Pleurobrachia at the surface.
Chrysaora fuscescens V3173 02/14/2008 Jellyfish 100+ Dense at 24 m depth
Chrysaora fuscescens V3174 02/14/2008 Jellyfish 100+ dense
Chrysaora fuscescens V3175 02/14/2008 Jellyfish 100+
Moon jellies everywhere 02/17/2008 Jellyfish 100+ Huge A. labiata were ~5 meters deep. Crab zoea present and very dense Calanoid copepods in the plankton tows.
More moon jellies 02/18/2008 Jellyfish 100+ Again, lots of moon jellies. Pyrocystis was present in plankton tows.
Moon jellies and sea nettles after storm 02/26/2008 Jellyfish 11 to 99 Found beat up moon jellies and sea nettles that overwintered from the 2007 seasonal bloom. Very little plankton, but lots of fish eggs.
More moon jellies and purple striped jellies 03/05/2008 Jellyfish 100+ SST = 55F in front of aquarium. Moon jelly bloom still inhabits inner bay. Overwintered C. fuscescens present. Checked harbor for...
Small jelly on tide line 05/25/2008 Other Comb jelly 1 Small colourless spherical jelly approx 2cm diameter jellywatch-05-14-12
Box Jellyfish in Ko Lanta, Thailand 06/10/2008 Box Jelly 1
Young Pelagia noctiluca and others 07/23/2008 Jellyfish 100+ Many small Pelagia (nearest-neighbor distance about 10-20 meters) some Beroe and Phialidium and other marine mammals were seen during blue-... beroe-07-17-10
New York Jellies 08/10/2008 Jellyfish 6 to 10 From the news: It is unclear what types of jellies are blooming out East...slightly pinkish maybe 6 inch diameter on the bell is about all... jellywatch-08-20-09
Masses o man o war 08/13/2008 Man o war 100+
ha long bay viatnam 09/07/2008 Jellyfish shallow bay area 2 to 5 Jellywatcher-02-21-10
Eyjafjörd, Iceland bloom, September 28, 2008 09/29/2008 Jellyfish 1 Large numbers of Cyanea capillata, and Aurelia aurita, along with some Cyanea lamarckii, were observed at the surface of the water column... Jellywatcher-05-27-12
Man o' War in Alabama 12/20/2008 Man o war Portuguese Man o'war 100+ I was in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a short Christmas break. Walked along the beach and saw more man o'war than I could easily count....
unknown jellyfish 02/16/2009 Jellyfish phi phi island 1 unknown jelly jellywatch-02-16-11
Cubozoa and Scyphozoa in Colombia (Santa Marta) 02/17/2009 Jellyfish 1 Reported By: Cristina Cedeño-Posso, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano (UJTL) Six jellyfish genera I was identified in Santa Marta region (... Cristina Cedeño-05-03-11