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Title Date Type of organism Other Quantity Description Species Condition Image
Stranded Jelly near Auke Creek Weir 03/26/2017 Jellyfish 1 Jellyfish was stranded about a foot perpendicular to Auke Creek. In the high- mid intertidal zone. Purple coloration from above with eight... Edbower-03-27-17
no jellies at JAMSTEC 03/27/2017 Clean sea 1
no jellies at Hakkeijima 03/25/2017 Clean sea 1
Daytona Beach shores lots of jellies! 03/21/2017 Jellyfish man of war portugese 100+ mobile_jellywatcher-03-24-17
Man O''war 03/23/2017 Man o war 1 Tonight, we were walking the beach in Flagler Beach, Florida. A family walked over to us and asked "is this a jelly fish?". They... Unhealthy Jellywatcher-03-23-17
Other jelly on 2017-3-23 03/23/2017 Jellyfish 1 Alive Python-03-23-17
120 dead jellyfish, am i crazy ? 03/23/2017 Box Jelly 100+ Dead
Velella Velella / Cornwall 03/22/2017 Other Hydrozoa / Velella 11 to 99 Lots of Velella Velella / Sailor-by-the-wind, washed up on the tideline at Church Cove, Gunwalloe, nr. Helston in Cornwall. Beautiful! Unhealthy
By the wind sailor sightings 03/22/2017 Other 100+ Valletta Dead Jellywatcher-03-22-17
Lions mane 03/21/2017 Jellyfish Lions Mane jelly 2 to 5
Mushroom cap 03/21/2017 Jellyfish Mushroom cap jelly 2 to 5
Mushroom cap 03/20/2017 Jellyfish Mushrooms cap jelly 2 to 5 mobile_jellywatcher-03-21-17
no jellies at JAMSTEC 03/21/2017 Clean sea 1
Puffer fish 03/19/2017 Other Fish 1 mobile_jellywatcher-03-19-17
Matagorda Beach Man of War 03/18/2017 Man o war 1 We saw a beached man of war on a beach in Matagorda, TX 3/18/17 Unhealthy Jellywatcher-03-19-17
Lots washed up! 03/19/2017 Other Velella 100+ 1000s of velella washed up on Freshwater West Unhealthy
Lahinch, Co. Clare, Ireland 03/18/2017 Other Velella 100+ Beach stranding Unhealthy Jellywatcher-03-19-17
Paper argonaut shells 03/18/2017 Other Paper argonaut 2 to 5 Found several pieces of paper argonaut shells in the beach mobile_jellywatcher-03-18-17
Thousands of. bluebottles at Balmoral 03/13/2017 Man o war 100+ Thousands of. bluebottles washed ashore at Balmoral swimmingidiots-03-18-17
Jellyfish(Medium size) 12/25/2016 Jellyfish 1 This jellyfish went under my dock but a wave washed it up onto the rocks and was cut in two Alive
Man o war galveston 03/16/2017 Man o war 2 to 5 South winds- found 3 spread far apart along the beach mobile_jellywatcher-03-16-17
Velella washed up in St Ives, Cornwall 03/14/2017 Other thought it was plastic! 100+ Spotted on the tideline yesterday on Porthmeor beach, StIves, Cornwall, England, large numbers of Velella Velella, most of them translucent... Dead
Man o war 03/12/2017 Man o war 11 to 99 Unhealthy jellywatch-03-14-17
Velella stranding in Seaside, Oregon, USA 03/10/2017 Other Velella velella 100+ Many (probably millions) of Velella velella seen washed up at the tide line on Seaside beach in Seaside, Oregon, USA. All were tiny, the... Unhealthy katiethomas-03-13-17
sea otter 03/12/2017 Mammal 1 jellywatch-03-14-17
Velella mass stranding 03/08/2017 Other Vellela 100+ Mass sighting of vellela on beach, had lost their blue colour and looked dried out. Their surroundings were things normally found on the... Dead
Massive Mushroom cap jelly 03/09/2017 Jellyfish Mushroom cap jelly 2 to 5 Diameter in excess of 30cm
Mushroom cap jelly 03/11/2017 Jellyfish Mushroom cap jelly 2 to 5
Mass stranding of velella, Ireland 03/11/2017 Other 11 to 99 I counted it wrong guys, I found at least 60 velella at St Kearns Shore, Wexford Ireland Unhealthy Jellywatcher-03-11-17
Velella stranding 03/11/2017 Other 6 to 10 Velella found at St Kearns Shore, South West Wexford, Ireland. Unhealthy Jellywatcher-03-11-17
Lions Mane Jellyfish 03/08/2017 Jellyfish 1 mobile_jellywatcher-03-11-17
velella in West Cork 03/11/2017 Jellyfish 11 to 99 The Blue Velella and Opaque species found in Ballycahane Bay March 11th 2017 Unhealthy
Velella in North Cornwall 03/09/2017 Other Velella 100+ A scattering of them, no more than 200, on the ebb tide at Harbour Cove, in the Camel Estuary. No pigmentation. Brought 12 home, and found... Dead Jellywatcher-03-10-17
My kids scooped this up in the bucket 03/10/2017 Jellyfish Unknown 1 mobile_jellywatcher-03-10-17
Velella in Bodega Bay, CA 03/09/2017 Other Velella 100+ Thousands of tiny By-the-wind Sailors (Velella velella) washed up on the beach in Bodega Bay, CA. The largest were ~10 mm long, but most... jsones-03-10-17
Porth Joke mass stranding 03/10/2017 Other Vellela 100+ There were thousands of vellela washed up on the beach of Porth Joke, Cornwall. Some were scattered, others in large piles. Most were in... Dead Jellywatcher-03-10-17
Many man o war washed up on shores in Fort Morgan and Gulf shore 03/07/2017 Jellyfish 11 to 99 Jellywatcher-03-07-17
Portuguese Man o War 03/06/2017 Man o war 6 to 10 We saw six total in under 10 minutes on Galveston beach at Pointe West resort. Dead Jellywatcher-03-06-17
Blue sail jellyfish 03/06/2017 Jellyfish Blue sail jellyfish washed up 11 to 99 Dead
Man of war 01/16/2017 Man o war 1 just a handful this morning washing up on Jupiter Inlet beach. 8 sighted ranging from 2-6 inches long. Dead Beachgurl322-03-05-17
By-the-wind Sailor 03/05/2017 Other By-the-wind Sailor 1 Nor'easter found only one of these guys he was about an 1.25 inches long. Photographed just as I found it. Beachgurl322-03-05-17
Blue Buttons 03/04/2017 Other Blue Buttons 6 to 10 Rough seas, we have had a Nor'easter since Friday. I have never seen blue buttons on the beach until today. I counted 8 of them the... Dead Beachgurl322-03-05-17
Man of war 03/04/2017 Man o war 11 to 99 Nor'easter blowing since Friday. Man of war washing up in sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 8 inches. Two were alive and returned to the... Dead Beachgurl322-03-05-17
Mushroom cap jelly 03/04/2017 Jellyfish Mushroom cap jelly 1 mobile_jellywatcher-03-05-17
Mnemiopsis at Yacht Club 03/02/2017 Jellyfish 1 A lot of comb jellies at a yacht club in Wilmington, NC. Alive
Pyrosomes 02/25/2017 Other tunicate 11 to 99 Many dead pyrosomes again on Del Monte Beach. Smaller than a couple weeks ago. These were ~1-3 inches. Dead
Bondi Beach swarm 02/27/2017 Jellyfish 100+ Many types of Jelly fish and man o war covered the shoreline at Bondi Beach Feb 27 and 28. Looking for help on species types. Small Lions... Unhealthy Jellywatcher-02-27-17
Ctenophores are back!! 02/25/2017 Jellyfish 11 to 99 Ctenophores are back aplenty in Salt Ponds. Also saw 1 sea nettle & 1 lions mane.
Lions Mane 02/26/2017 Jellyfish Lions mane 1 mobile_jellywatcher-02-26-17
T. loriferum? 02/25/2017 Jellyfish 1 Recent sightings for this jelly, T. loriferum. Washed up on rock jetty during low tide. 5" diameter bell. Thysanostoma jellyhunter-02-25-17