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Google has launched (but does not spread much) its intelligent flight search engine, Google Flight . And this week I tested the service to tell you. The search engine is very similar to that of companies like Takeoff, Submarine and Kayak. As a result, it shows the companies and the prices of each ticket. The interesting thing is that by clicking on the ticket and the amount you chose, it directs you directly to the company's website. That is, you buy directly from the airline without fees and intermediaries. That's cool!

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Another point I found very interesting is that as the search is smart, it still tells you the best days to travel (where tickets are cheaper) and you end up saving money! In the search, you can still sort the results by price, airline, time, stops, among others. After filling in the outgoing and destination city and the round trip date, the first results are what Google Fight calls "best flights" (best routes, prices, duration and number of stops). And if you want, you can still access the map that is on the right, and see neighboring cities with airports available. Sometimes you find tickets in a city 60 km away from the initial search town for half the price. Finally, you'll still be able to save the search, and Google will keep track of your ticket's value on a day-to-day basis. And Google Fight looks for all the existing companies on the route, not just those in which it has an agreement. Clear search and no tricks!

To use it is simple. Access flights / and do your research. When you choose the flights that interest you most, select them. Below you will see a table asking what you want to do next: save search, share, or go to the airline's website to buy the selected flight. If you buy, you will be redirected to the official website of the airline to make the purchase. Easy! Before selecting the flight, you can still search the best days and times to save on the tickets :)


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