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Google uses AI to help you get the best deals

The 8 secrets of Google Flights to buy cheaper plane ticket
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As a traveler and a mandatory user of flight comparators, you may already be familiar with Google Flights, the flight search tool, which already does what you can expect from a price comparator: find and compare prices of flights. flights from around forty French airports. The site, however, has a lot of unknown features that can expand its research in a rather original way. Let's discover the most bluffing!

1. Be alerted when prices are falling and / or rising

In order to protect yourself from the famous Yield management (the rate adjustment up or down several times a day), Google Flight offers an alert system by email or the Google Now application that warns you when the price of a plane ticket is likely to change. This is valid in both directions. When this price has to go up, he warns. When he has to go down, he does the same. All this to help you choose the right time to buy your ticket.

2. No idea? Search directly by card according to the price

This is one of the best features of Google Flight for us, and at the same time it is unique because, thanks to this feature, you have a view of the best prices for a large number of destinations from your airport. departure. Ideal for finding inspiration and almost randomly choose a destination. It is also a good way to detect false prices presented to you by IP tracking, because it automatically updates when you ask.

3. Are you lucky?

If you really do not know where to go, Google Flights has retained the legendary "I'm lucky" button found on its traditional search engine and chooses the best result for you. Using your browsing history (your geolocation and your interests), Google Flights will then determine the destination that seems to be made for you and your next vacation.

I'm lucky !

4. The "Best flight" option

In order to help you in your flight selection, Google Flights automatically creates a "box" of the best routes at the top of the listing. Based on the price of airline tickets, the duration of flights, stops and other items such as equipment or baggage fees, this selection offers you the best possible flight options on the desired route and highlights the best offers in green.
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