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Google, TripAdvisor and Booking also want to inspire trips
Passion Search of Booking, Premium Destination Partnership of Trivago and Destinations in Google

The large online travel platforms, , TripAdvisor and Google , want to become a reference for users not only when making reservations, but also in the process of finding information about their trips.
The Internet has an increasing weight in the inspiration phase of the trip . More than half of the people who are planning a vacation consult opinions of other travelers and compare prices on different pages and online travel agencies before making a reservation.
Aware of this, the big names in online tourism distribution , such as and TripAdvisor, are boosting the information on travel and tourist destinations available on their platforms, in order to offer a complete and comprehensive experience to their users.
In this sense, launched "Passion Search" earlier this month , a search engine that uses a new algorithm to filter the results according to the activities that can be practiced in each of the destinations. total of 200 activities among which are skydiving, search for mushrooms, tango and others.
Through this search engine users can browse the pages of the 1,000 available destinations in and consult specialized information , user comments and complementary information about the destination obtained through the analysis of the activity of the users of Booking. com.
Google, TripAdvisor and Booking also want to inspire trips
In the case of the TripAdvisor metasearch , which since the launch of its Instant Booking also includes the possibility of making reservations, it has reinforced its destination pages with the 'Premium Destination Partnership' program, which offers the organizations responsible for the promotion of tourist destinations. the ability to edit the pages of your destinations by adding new content.
The objective is that, through the content verified by official sources, the destinations themselves can contribute to improving the user experience during the inspiration phase of their trips.
Institutions that participate in the program will have access to the tabs of collections, articles and events and will have a control panel where they can track the activity of their campaigns.
Destinations in Google: plan trips without leaving the search engine
After having identified a 50% increase in questions related to trips made from mobile phones, Google is also committed to retain users in the inspiration phase of the trip.
According to the statements of Javier Delgado , head of EMEA Travel of Google, that we collected in Google believes that the sector misinterprets his intentions : "Google has no interest in being a travel agency, nor complete transactions", to which he adds, "What Google wants, given the complexity of data on prices and offer, is to order all that information."
In this line, the search engine has launched Destinations in Google, an integrated functionality with Google Flights and Hotel Search and aimed at improving the user experience when discovering and planning trips through mobile phones.
Google, TripAdvisor and Booking also want to inspire trips
The objective of Destinations in Google is to guide the user through browsing within the Google ecosystem itself, offering the relevant information without having to access other web pages, simply by "scrolling" within the Google results page.
Thus, when searching by continent or country and adding the word "destinations" the user will access the navigation options offered by Destinations. Specific information will also be offered for searches by activity, such as: "Spain surfing", "New Zealand hiking" or "Colorado skiing".
Other filters are "flexible dates", to search by month and identify days with better prices in multiple destinations; "Explore", to see the time it makes throughout the year at the destination or to know when there is more visitor flow; or "plan a trip" to see hotel and flight rates in real time. You can also customize the results with preference of hotels and flights, number of stopovers, type of hotel and number of travelers.

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