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It is practically impossible that this morning you left home without your mobile phone. In fact, it is very likely that you are reading this article from your smartphone or your tablet, rather than from the computer. And is that we spend the day watching our mobile, surfing the Internet, gossiping by social networks or playing. So, why not use this time in different educational applications that can help you improve certain skills, learn about a topic or reinforce knowledge of a subject?

The educational applications have evolved over time, significantly improving its usability and content offered. Mobile applications began to proliferate by the end of the first decade of the 21st century. The concept of educational application can become very broad since technology can be applied in very different ways in a classroom. However, in this article, we refer to educational applications that can be installed on a mobile device and used on a day-to-day basis.

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1 Apps for iPad
1.1 Drawnimal, fun transmedia app
1.2 Edoki Montessori Geometry, among the best games for children's tablet
1.3 Tiny Cosmonauts: educational applications for children
2 Applications for children
2.1 Educational applications of Educa Planet
2.2 ABCine and other educational applications of Meikme
3 Educational apps for Android and iOS
3.1 Fit Brains Trainer, games and riddles to quicken the mind
3.2 How do you say he said, an educational game to write correctly
3.3 How much do you know about history ?, among the funniest apps to learn
3.4 Google Classroom, the best app for teachers and students
3.5 Test DGT 2017 - Practicatest to pass the driving test
4 Fun apps to learn languages
4.1 Busuu, one of the most popular educational apps
4.2 Duolingo, one of the best applications for children
4.3 Babbel, to learn a language anywhere
5 What are your favorite educational applications?
Apps for iPad
When it comes to carrying out a selection of mobile applications it is important to consider a number of aspects. Not all of the educational applications we are going to name in this article - or that you can read in others - can be installed on all mobile devices. And this is mainly due to the operating system of the device itself: Android, iOS, among others, although the first two are more than 95% of the market.

Thus, we start by selecting some educational applications specially designed and designed for iPad and some of them can also be used on iPhone, as it shares the same operating system.

Drawnimal fun app

Drawnimal, fun transmedia app

The best way to combine a mobile device with the pen and paper. Drawnimal is an app that encourages children to draw while learning in alphabet. It is a very simple application available for iPhone and iPad. How does it work?

Drawnimal seeks to motivate children to draw around the device by motivating them to think beyond the barriers by showing how to draw parts of the animals and teaching the alphabet in a fun and simple way. The little ones can discover up to 30 different animals and the sounds they make. In addition, you can choose from five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. The app was created by Yatatoi, a development project led by designer Lucas Zanotto.

Edoki's Montessori Geometry, among the best tablet games for children

This application aims to help the little ones to develop their logical capacity by categorizing, hierarchizing and understanding how the geometric forms are integrated in our day to day. The app offers a pedagogical content based on scientific material: families of forms; scenes to discover the different forms in a real environment; six different games that allow to deepen the learning; an option of memory with the definitions of the different forms and a option of autocorrection to gain greater autonomy and confidence.

The application is developed by Montessori educators with the intention that children have infinite possibilities to interact with the forms in the most playful way possible. The app can be viewed in up to 15 different languages ​​on both iphone and ipad. In addition, it has blocked any type of advertising and options to purchase other applications.

Behind Montessori Geometry is EDOKI Academy who have drawn on their own experience in real classes using the Montessori method.

Tiny Cosmonauts two educational applications for children

Tiny Cosmonauts: educational applications for children

This Spanish application creation company has two games that succeed among the youngest: Tiny Trees and Tiny Swipers, although only the first is currently available. It is a transmedia adventure divided between an application and a story (both in paper and ebook format). The Tiny Trees App seeks to complement the experience of the story with doses of adventure, humor, fun and love. It is the story of a father and his curious daughter, Cosmo and Nora, who have to help care for a small plant that will become a beautiful tree on a most peculiar planet. Move objects, solve minipuzzles and follow the story.

The app is recommended for children from 2 years and offers great illustrations that will stimulate the imagination of anyone who sees them. Animations, interactive elements and an original soundtrack complete a very simple interface available for iOS devices.

Applications for children
Educational Apps by Educa Planet

The creators of Pipo, one of the best-known computer educational games that sold millions of copies worldwide, are behind Educa Planet . This study creates educational games and applications for boys and girls. Learning to read with Grin is focused on preschool and elementary school children with the goal of learning to read and write the letters of the alphabet. Meanwhile, Kely, adding and subtracting seeks to start younger children in mathematics. The student will have to face 60 levels of addition and subtraction.

These educational applications can be used on both Android and iOS and in turn on the digital boards that are usually in the classroom today.

ABCine and other educational applications

ABCine and other educational applications of Meikme

Meikme is a project that envisions tools and educational applications for the little ones based on stories and references of the adult world with the aim of amusing and stimulating the imagination.

Little Big Artist Clan is an application with which to become familiar with contemporary art in an interactive way. Through colorful illustrations, children will have to create digital works inspired by artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh or Warhol. Place sunflowers in a vase, use simple geometric shapes with which to compose a cubist portrait or launch the free stroke.

ABCine is another of the educational apps for children created by Meikme. With this app, children will have a first contact with the letters learning to draw them and knowing new words. Once the letter is finished, the child can hear their pronunciation. All images recreate characters and mythical scenes from movies.

Meanwhile, Alvin's Journey is an interactive story that shows Alvin up in his old lawn mower willing to drive 400 miles to meet his brother. The app follows the same design line and is focused on the education of the little ones.
Educational apps for Android and iOS
Fit Brains Trainer, games and riddles to quicken the mind

One of the educational applications that triumphs among the most curious. Fit Brains Trainer is a brain performance improvement program developed by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, a notoriety in the field of neuropsychology. Fit Brains Trainer offers over 150 mental training activities to train different brain functions in just a few minutes a day. Memory, mental agility, concentration, ability to deduct and visual perception will be the mental abilities that you can train with this app.

Coursera, one of the most complete educational applications

The renowned MOOC (Open Mass Online Course) course platform has its own application, available for both Android and iOS, to be able to access its contents anytime, anywhere. Coursera offers free courses online from more than 115 of the world's top universities and educational institutions, such as Yale, Princenton or Stanford.

Courses in marketing, business, economics, math, music, nutrition, psychology, project management ... The application is available for iOS and Android devices.

Educational game

How do you say he said, an educational game to write correctly

Do you think you have good spelling? The How to Say It said application is perfect for lovers of orthographic perfection or for those who want to improve it. Reveal or rebel? Do or acer? In this game you have to choose the correct word between two options in order to complete as many sentences in the shortest possible time to reach the maximum number of points. To give you more excitement you can compete with other users or change the language and test your English skills. It is not necessary to have Internet connection and its design is wonderful. For me, one of the most entertaining and functional educational applications.

How much do you know about history ?, among the funniest apps to learn

This application does not have a very successful design or that catches the attention of the users, but its contents and its usability make it the perfect app to be among this article of educational applications. How much do you know about history? is a quiz game about historical events that make you travel through history. What if you do not remember the correct answer? Much better since you will learn something new about characters, facts and moments from the Stone Age to the contemporary age.

google Classroom

Google Classroom, the best app for teachers and students

This application is only available to students and teachers with Google Apps for Education accounts offered to schools. It is an app that helps to take advantage of the time, to organize the classes and to improve the communication between teachers and students. With Google Classroom you can review and rate the tasks; publish audiovisual materials of classes; conduct discussions and share resources among users.

Test DGT 2017 - Practicatest to pass the driving test

One of the most practical and interesting educational applications for young people. Test DGT 2017 is an online driving school that offers the possibility of conducting more than 3,500 driving tests to pass the B, A2, C, ADR and CAP permit exam. In turn, it has a summary manual of the DGT. Perfect for practicing any time of day and anywhere.

Fun apps to learn languages
fun apps

Busuu, one of the most popular educational apps

Educational applications with which to learn languages ​​are another key tools that can not be missing on your mobile phone and Busuu is one of them. I met Busuu in its web version and I have to say that it is perfect to start studying a language and go get a base. The app version offers examples and exercises of all the essential areas of a language: conversation, pronunciation, grammar, audio and vocabulary.

The best of this app? It is not necessary to have an Internet connection to access its contents. However, if it will be to connect with other native users who will be in charge of correcting the writting exercises . Small questionnaires and vocabulary games that help you learn the 3,000 essential words of a language.

Duolingo, one of the best applications for children

For its part, Duolingo was chosen as the best iPhone application by Apple and is one of the best-known educational applications in the field of languages. Exercises and contents of English, German, French and Portuguese in a free version that stands out thanks to its game format. This aspect makes it suitable for children. The goal is to go beyond the different levels, a total of 25, correctly performing various exercises daily.

gonoodle flex
gonoodle for teachers
gonoodle for middle school
Babbel, to learn a language anywhere

It is another of the best known educational applications to learn a language and may be due to its almost ten years of existence and its millions of users. The application seeks to provide a class format by focusing on the explanation. Contents of grammar, vocabulary, exercises or even songs and sayings. The Babbel app is available for both Android and iOS but both are paid. It is perfect for adults who want to learn languages ​​in a self-taught way.

What are your favorite educational applications?
If you have tried any of these apps or you have other educational applications among your favorites, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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