Best Google Gravity Tricks

Submitted by Jellywatcher (not verified) on Mon, 01/08/2018 - 10:44
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Best Google Gravity Tricks

Google gravity is a collection of hidden features that allows you to do some amazing tricks with Google. This is presented wholly for the purpose of fun and entertainment. Here are the best Google Gravity tricks that you must give a try!

1. Zero Gravity Google Flat Fall

Google Zero gravity is an exciting idea where all the contents of the web page overturn, including the texts and images. Even when you type something to search in the search engine it will be written in a reverse order. As you hit enter for a keyword search, the search results will arrive in a reverse order and in a jumbled manner. You will find it very exciting since the contents are reversed and bouncy.
2. Google Sphere

In Google Sphere, the contents will circulate around in a sphere pattern as you hover over the mouse in the web page. It’s quite tricky and a bit tough to search anything through this page because the links twirl around with your mouse and it becomes a struggle to click on the right link. As the search results appear, you will also find them rotate in a sphere.
3. Google Gravity Underwater

The Google Gravity Underwater trick demonstrates a wonderful background consisting of the underwater sea with diverse species of fishes. You’ll find the contents of the web page in a floating manner with an animated background that gives you an impeccable under the water experience.
4. Google Guitar

Google Gravity Guitar lets you play the guitar on the search engine page and enthral others with your attitude. With this, you can play several familiar tunes like Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, Forest Gump and Harry Potter where Google provides you the accurate notes for the tunes. As you search for a keyword in the web page, the results will appear in an inverted way.